Welcome to the

College Small Faith Community!

We are a Christ focused undergrad, grad, and young adult community devoted to study, prayer, cookies, board games, and pizza.  We seek to deepen our relationship with Christ in a vibrant community of friends.  
We are affiliated with the nearest Catholic Church: St. Philip the Apostle

OneLife LA

Saturday, 1/18, 9:30am


Walk to celebrate the beauty and dignity of every human life!  Youth Rally starts at 11am in downtown LA.  We'll meet at the corner of Holliston and Del Mar on campus then take bus/train together to the event.

The walk starts at noon, and there are events all afternoon (including a Requiem Mass for the Unborn at 5pm at the Cathedral and a Young Adult Rally at 7pm), but we can come home anytime.

Prayer and Study

Undergraduate Focused:   Sundays, 6:30-7:30pm, Ministry Building  (with pizza!)

Graduate/YA Focused:   Mondays, 7:30-8:30pm, Ministry Building, Rm2

Starting back up: 1/13 for Mondays and 1/19 for Sundays


Take a break to connect with God's Word and pray with other students who know exactly how hard -yet important!- it was to take this time.  Your breath of fresh air at the beginning of the week!

The meetings are in the Ministry Building (just north of the church).

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Mass in Communion

Join other College and YA Catholics at St. Philip's 5pm Mass each Sunday!

For Caltech students, you can meet us to walk over together at 4:45pm on the corner of Holliston and San Pasqual.

For everyone: we'll be sitting in the pews on the left side of the church (facing the altar), across from the front-most confessionals.  (Under the Jesus takes up the cross mosaic.)

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Want to know more about us?


The feeling is mutual! 

You can get it touch with us at: st.philip.community.groups@gmail.com with any questions or just to generally introduce yourself. 

Past Activities:

-Game Nights


-Rosary Walks


A Sample of Past Study Topics:


-Fr. Francis de Sales' "Thy Will Be Done"

-Nouwen's "Discernment: Reading the Signs of Everyday Life"

-C.S. Lewis' "Mere Christianity"

Chances to Serve!


Change It Up Each Month

The Singles Serving SFC hosts events each month on a Sat.  Check out their page for details for this month.


Mentor Teenagers 

The confirmation program and LifeTeen are looking for people exactly your age to facilitate small group discussions with high schoolers.  Contact Luke: lbrooks@stphiliptheapostle.org for details.

Participate in the Liturgy 

Musicians, Lecturers, Eucharistic Ministers are always welcome!  Contact st.philip.community.groups@gmail.com for more information.

© 2020 St. Philip the Apostle Church

Pasadena, California

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