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Read any good books lately?

Here are some recommendations from the SFCS.

Let us know about your favorite books so that we can read them too! 

If you are in an SFC, feel free to sign in with the name of your group.

Some Free Resources for your Group

Daily Readings


The official United States Conference of Catholic Bishops' site with the readings for Mass every day.

Bible Studies for Sunday Readings


Thorough, and designed for group studies.  These studies follow the liturgical calendar and include questions and background about the readings as well as saint stories. 

(One note of caution: these were designed for Lutheran congregations so every blue moon or so there might be a difference in the readings for the Catholics.)

Bible Meditations for Sunday Readings


A thought provoking classic, The Word Among Us is available in hard copy at the entrances of the Church or, electronically, through this website.  It includes all of the readings for each Sunday as well as a short 'homily'/meditation on the Gospel.

Introduction to Christianity


The Alpha Course was designed as a general introduction to following Christ, but has also been helping many long-time disciples rediscover their faith.  It's a series of videos available through this website.

Introduction to Catholicism 


Sr. Teresita has a copy of the Catholicism series available for groups to borrow.  Bishop Barron, of Word on Fire fame, walks viewers through the history and theology of the Catholic Church. 

Papal Encyclicals 


Go right to the source!  See what the Pope is saying today, as well as famous past encyclicals.