What is a Small Faith Community?

Who joins a Small Community Group?

Parishioners just like you!  No special knowledge is needed, just a desire to share your faith journey with other members of the St. Philip's family.


What about my kids?

Bring them!  Cana Family and Christ and Coffee especially encourage children. 


What will we do during the meeting?

The stated goal of a meeting is to study and discuss a faith based book, a book of the Bible, or the upcoming Sunday's Gospel reading, but we have a feeling that you'll do much more than that.  You'll get to know new people, share your prayers, and connect on a deeper level with God and each other.


I am really busy.  How much time is this going to take?

Not much.  For weekly groups, just an hour or two.

You can miss sometimes as well- no one is taking attendance. 


Which group should I join?

Whichever group you'd like.  Most of the groups focus on a particular demographic, but they're open to anyone.  You are also welcome to start a new group.  Just email us, and we'll set it up.  


What if I don't like my group?

You can switch.  Just email us and ask for a new group.  You're also welcome to start a new group by emailing us.


How do I sign-up?

You click on this link: Click Here.  And fill out the form.  The form will ask you for some contact information, and then allow you to choose a group.


What does a facilitator do?

Facilitators develop and guide the discussion each week.


Before a meeting, facilitators develop talking points and questions for the group to discuss.  During the meeting, leaders set the rules for how the discussion is going to work. 

We'll give you lots of help with this!  

You don't need to have any prior experience or special knowledge to do this.  We'll help you with training and any materials. 


What does a host do?

Hosts open their home to the group and try to make everyone comfortable.


Hosts are super important!  The facilitators will have their hands full developing materials so, by providing a location, you really make things easy for everyone.  You don't have to have a fancy home or a big meeting space- a kitchen table or a piece of floor (and maybe some pillows...) would do fine.  The groups are planned to be only 5-12 adults, but if you don't think you can accommodate that many people, we'll cap the group smaller.  Just let us know.


Still not certain?


Send us an email with any additional questions or call the parish office: (626) 793-0693.